13 June 2006

MSSM U15B – The Khadir & Terengganu Show

I remember Abdul Khadir Jailaini bin Ramli Setapa as the boy who came in 1st= (tied with Anas) in the U10B category at the National Age-Group Championships five long years ago. I considered him then as one of the biggest junior talents. But after that, I did not hear much of him as Khadir did not play in events held in the Kuala Lumpur. But obviously he is still playing and has been developing very well.

Thus it was a surprise (as I had forgotten about him) and not a surprise (since I know the talent) that Khadir dominated the U15 Boys Section. Along the way he beat Selangor’s Isaac Hong (R2) and Tariq Amru (R7), Johor’s Loy Pik Shian (R3), Penang’s Lim Wei Kang (R4) and Pahang’s Sumant Subramaniam (R5). Khadir conceded a draw only to Faiz Azmi (R6), one of the Langkawi boys representing Kedah.

Khadir’s win brought big cheers to the large number of home fans following his every game on Board 1. The games were relayed live onto the big screen just outside the main playing hall. The crowd roared the loudest when Khadir finally sealed the title with a very impressive Queen sacrifice to force Tariq’s resignation in the final round.

Khadir also anchored Terengganu to win the U15B Team Gold by a huge 3-point margin. The top 10 in this category reads –

The Terengganu boys took the 1st, 4th & 5th places while their fourth player, Mohamad Amirul, contributed 3 points to the team score of 20 points.

To give an indication of the strength of the U15B section and Terengganu’s dominance, KL which finished in 2nd place (with 17 points), had Lim Zhuo Ren and Tan Ken Wei scoring only 4 points each while Justin Ong managed only 3.5 points from the 7 rounds.

Well done, Terengganu.

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