30 December 2007

1 Illegal Move = 2 Minutes

The FIDE Laws of Chess are reviewed and may be modified every four years. Active players need to know the latest laws in order not to miss out on claims which may be worth a half-point in critical games.

The latest set of FIDE Laws of Chess was approved in the 2004 FIDE General Assembly and all modifications were effective from 1 July 2005. I thought I knew the FIDE Laws pretty well but in the recent Perak Closed in Ipoh, I learnt something new.

Johan Jamil had white against Fadzil Nayan in a Round 3 game. The time control was 40 minutes each for the whole game which means the Rapid Rules were effective. As usual in rapid games between two players of the same standard, there was a frantic time scramble. The players were left with something like 20 seconds each in a critical endgame position and both were still playing to win.

Then Johan made an illegal move but Fadzil responded almost immediately. After Johan made his next move, Fadzil realized that Johan’s earlier move was illegal and shouted “Illegal move!! Illegal move!! Arbiter, tambah dua minit, tambah dua minit!!”. The clocks were stopped, the arbiter reverted to the position just before the illegal move and increased Fadzil’s time by 2 minutes. Johan did not protest. Fadzil got the full point when Johan’s flag dropped.

I was not aware of this 2-minute rule for an illegal move and looked it up when I got home. There was indeed such a rule in the latest FIDE Laws of Chess (effective 1 July 2005) although I am not sure when it was included. The rule is applicable under specific circumstances.

But was the 2 minute rule correctly applied in the Johan-Fadzil game described above? Was the arbiter’s decision correct? What do you think?

Please use the comments feature to give your views.


Anonymous said...
Its wrong...if u made an illegal move and your opponent didnt spot it..then the move is deemed legal..he should have claimed it when he made the illegal move at first before replying....its the same goes when you start ur game and your king and queen is placed wrong...once u started the game, its deemed its legal (thats why, please check your pieces)..one more advice, check the chess clock yourself! onces u have started it and you realised that you have lesser minute...ur opponent has the right to say that the current time condition stay...... In this case..both players does know the chess rule but unfortunately, does not know the subtances over it (so i guess the smart one wins end of the day) Johan should have argued tat it was the move before Fadzil replied...end of the day, the arbiter needs more experience in this and its a very dangerous situation nowdays whereby arbiters have their own 'precedent'...its the subtance over form that matters....
hairulov chessmaniacs said...
fadzil should claim illegal move right after johan have made the move. But if he have reply the move the so called illegal move is "legal" now!

28 December 2007

UTP Open 2007

This item may be a bit late but I cannot find the results reported anywhere on the net. I thought there are people out there who might be interested in the results. So here it goes.

Jamal Husni won the Universiti Teknologi Petronas Open 2007 with a 6.5/7 score. The event took place on 18 August 2007 at the UTP Campus just outside Tronoh town in Perak. Fadzil Nayan finished in 2nd place on tie-break over Fong Yit San in 3rd place with both on 6 points.

Top seed Fadli Zakaria ended up on 8th place with 5 points after losing a last round championship decider against Jamal. Fadli had earlier lost to Fadzil in Round 5.

The champion took home a cash prize of RM400 + certificate.
Jamal receiving his prize from NM Chan Swee Loon

Final Standings
1Ahmad Jamal Husni Jamalud 6.530.024.5
2Ahmad Fadzil Nayan 6.032.526.5
3Fong Yit San 6.027.520.0
4Mark Siew 5.530.521.8
5Muhsin Hassan 5.530.020.8
6Mohd Johan Jamil 5.530.019.8
7Che Khairul 5.528.021.0
8Stonemaster (M. Fadli) 5.033.518.0
9Ahmad Mudzafar Ramli
10Alfred Yeoh
11Teoh Lye Soon
12Hasri Mohd Daud
13Muhd Ali Chor
14Ng Kiang Fei 5.025.514.0
15Wan Azmi Wan Othman 5.024.514.0
16Mohd Harith Abdullah 4.536.522.3
17Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Phuong 4.532.016.8
18Mohd Azizul Hakim 4.530.516.3
19Nur Hidayah Mohamed Omar 4.528.011.8
20Azwan Zaabah 4.527.013.3
21Benjamin Jacob Adillah 4.524.512.0
22Zubir Othman 4.523.012.0
23Lee Ken Vin 4.031.516.5
24Ikram Turapov
25Haris Padillah b. Hj Dan
26Muhd Zuhair 4.029.511.0
27Muhd Naim Mat Johari 4.028.510.5
28Khairul Azam Mastuki 4.028.510.0
29Syed Ahmad Farhan Iskanda 4.027.513.0
30Lohanathan a/l Ponniah 4.027.510.8
31Syahir Hatim Sholihotdin 4.025.512.5
32Muhd Afieq Zahier Azmee
33Azmi Ahmad
34Khairul Izuan Mohd Shah
35Sethupathy a/p Ponnial
36Mohamad Nasrol Abdullah S 3.529.514.3
37Muhd Shauqif Sulaiman 3.525.08.8
38Mohd Noor Azli Mohd Sahid 3.524.06.5
39Zati Hanani bt. Mustafa 3.520.55.3
40Mohd Izwann Hashim 3.519.58.3
41Azlan Abdullah 3.519.56.0
42Azahari Ayop
43Muhammad Syawatul Eqwan
44Mohd Maulana Maulani
45Mohd Faizal Mazani
46Mohd Dzulfikri
47Mohamad Fahmi Md Bekery
48Md Azri Abd Halim
49Mohd Haziq Mohd Shah
50Nazaruddin Sulaiman
51Squainah Khairus 2.522.03.5
52Afiq Aiman Hassan 2.521.06.8
53Mohd Hafiz Mokhtar 2.521.04.3
54Muhammad Luqman Hasan 2.520.03.3
55Muhammad Faris Mohd Pakri 2.518.05.3
56Bakia Seelan
57Hasmira bt. Mohd Nasir
58Muhibullah Hj Salleh
59Chua Wee Jin
60Muhd Rashidin Omar
61Muhamad Razif Norzali
62Muhammad Syahir
63Mohd Izwan Zainol Abidin 1.525.01.0
64Abdullah Farhan 1.513.01.0
65Muhammad Afiq Rahim
66Mohd Majdan Mohd Zarawi
67Muhammad Ashraf Mohd Faha
68Mohd Amran Abdullah
69Vijendran Balakrishnan
70Mohd Nazmi Mohamad Saiful
71Fatin Nadhirah Affendi
Muhd Izzudin Hamidan
73Amirruddin Ali Sidik Ali
74Mohd Izzat Mohd Zaini 0.518.00.5
75Syafiq Faliq Alfan
76Mohd Hafizi Kamaruddin
77Dr Tharma Lingam
Mohd Azmir Mustafar
Mohd Faris
Mohd Hafizi Kamarudin
Mohd Jefri Yusof
Mohd Zarul Ikmal Zulkifli
83Jagaan a/l Selladurai
Johnny Tiong Hok Hui
85Fong Weng Ban
Haridass a/l subramaniam
Siti Sarah Nik Mazlan
88Ahmad Shakeel Rojman
89Abdullah Farhan Zainudin
Muhammad Aizuddin Paiman
91Altahir Abdalla Altahim
Hafis Alsahmi Mustapa Alb

Cross Table (in seeding order)
1Stonemaster (M. Fadli) 47:W45:W38:W8:W2:L3:W9:L
2Ahmad Fadzil Nayan 48:W58:W31:W7:W1:W9:D5:D
3Mohd Johan Jamil 49:W51:D87:W39:W4:W1:L80:W
4Ahmad Mudzafar Ramli 50:W60:W33:W9:L3:L58:W81:W
5Che Khairul 51:L53:W92:W41:W29:W38:W2:D
6Mohd Azizul Hakim 52:W62:W71:W80:D9:L39:W78:L
7Fong Yit San 53:W57:W73:W2:L33:W51:W15:W
8Mark Siew 54:W68:W76:W1:L71:W78:D51:W
9Ahmad Jamal Husni Jamalud 55:W63:W78:W4:W6:W2:D1:W
10Ng Kiang Fei 56:W70:W80:L46:W38:L69:W87:W
11Abdullah Farhan Zainudin 57:L::::::
12Afiq Aiman Hassan 58:L54:W60:L23:L66:D84:L74:W
13Abdullah Farhan 59:D69:L55:W75:L32:L::
14Ahmad Shakeel Rojman 60:L::::::
15Alfred Yeoh 61:W71:L57:W58:W76:W88:W7:L
16Altahir Abdalla Altahim 62:L::::::
17Amirruddin Ali Sidik Ali 63:L55:D89:D::::
18Azahari Ayop 64:W74:W88:L60:W78:L71:L92:L
19Azlan Abdullah 65:W73:L58:L63:W69:D42:L84:W
20Azmi Ahmad 66:W76:L62:W68:W88:L60:D39:D
21Azwan Zaabah 67:W78:L59:W70:W81:D80:L42:W
22Bakia Seelan 68:L65:W67:W71:L58:L92:L40:L
23Benjamin Jacob Adillah 69:D89:W51:L12:W75:W81:L60:W
24Chua Wee Jin 70:L66:W68:L62:W60:L52:L41:L
25Dr Tharma Lingam 71:L::::::
26Fatin Nadhirah Affendi 72:D43:D70:L::::
27Fong Weng Ban 73:L::::::
28Hafis Alsahmi Mustapa Alb 74:L::::::
29Hasri Mohd Daud 75:W80:L63:W73:W5:L76:W86:W
30Haridass a/l subramaniam 76:L::::::
31Haris Padillah b. Hj Dan 77:W81:W2:L76:L70:W73:W88:L
32Hasmira bt. Mohd Nasir 78:L67:L65:W82:L13:W54:L79:L
33Ikram Turapov 79:W86:W4:L87:W7:L82:W90:L
34Jagaan a/l Selladurai 80:L::::::
35Johnny Tiong Hok Hui 81:L::::::
36Khairul Azam Mastuki 82:W88:L72:W78:L68:W90:L58:W
37Khairul Izuan Mohd Shah 83:W87:L74:W81:L73:L77:W69:W
38Lee Ken Vin 84:W90:W1:L86:W10:W5:L71:L
39Lohanathan a/l Ponniah 85:W92:D69:W3:L42:W6:L20:D
40Md Azri Abd Halim 86:L75:L66:W91:W82:L70:L22:W
41Mohamad Fahmi Md Bekery 87:L77:W79:W5:L86:L91:L24:W
42Mohamad Nasrol Abdullah S 88:L82:W75:D90:W39:L19:W21:L
43Mohd Amran Abdullah 89:D26:D81:L::::
44Mohd Azmir Mustafar 90:L::::::
45Mohd Dzulfikri 91:W1:L90:L67:W79:W87:L70:L
46Mohd Faizal Mazani 92:L84:W91:W10:L90:L79:W76:L
47Mohd Faris 1:L::::::
48Mohd Hafiz Mokhtar 2:L79:L77:L65:W67:D62:W82:L
49Mohd Hafizi Kamaruddin 3:L::::::
50Mohd Hafizi Kamarudin 4:L::::::
51Mohd Harith Abdullah 5:W3:D23:W88:W80:W7:L8:L
52Mohd Haziq Mohd Shah 6:L85:W86:L74:W87:L24:W73:L
53Mohd Izwan Zainol Abidin 7:L5:L82:L66:L65:L:W62:D
54Mohd Izwann Hashim 8:L12:L84:W77:L74:W32:W91:D
55Mohd Izzat Mohd Zaini 9:L17:D13:L79:L91:L::
56Mohd Jefri Yusof 10:L::::::
57Mohd Majdan Mohd Zarawi 11:W7:L15:L::::
58Mohd Maulana Maulani 12:W2:L19:W15:L22:W4:L36:L
59Mohd Nazmi Mohamad Saiful 13:D72:D21:L::::
60Mohd Noor Azli Mohd Sahid 14:W4:L12:W18:L24:W20:D23:L
61Mohd Zarul Ikmal Zulkifli 15:L::::::
62Muhamad Razif Norzali 16:W6:L20:L24:L84:D48:L53:D
63Muhammad Afiq Rahim 17:W9:L29:L19:L:::
64Muhammad Aizuddin Paiman 18:L::::::
65Muhammad Ashraf Mohd Faha 19:L22:L32:L48:L53:W74:L:
66Muhammad Faris Mohd Pakri 20:L24:L40:L53:W12:D67:W75:L
67Muhammad Luqman Hasan 21:L32:W22:L45:L48:D66:L:W
68Muhammad Syahir 22:W8:L24:W20:L36:L::
69Muhammad Syawatul Eqwan 23:D13:W39:L92:W19:D10:L37:L
70Muhd Afieq Zahier Azmee 24:W10:L26:W21:L31:L40:W45:W
71Muhd Ali Chor 25:W15:W6:L22:W8:L18:W38:W
72Muhd Izzudin Hamidan 26:D59:D36:L::::
73Muhd Naim Mat Johari 27:W19:W7:L29:L37:W31:L52:W
74Muhd Rashidin Omar 28:W18:L37:L52:L54:L65:W12:L
75Muhd Shauqif Sulaiman 29:L40:W42:D13:W23:L86:L66:W
76Muhd Zuhair 30:W20:W8:L31:W15:L29:L46:W
77Muhibullah Hj Salleh 31:L41:L48:W54:W92:L37:L:
78Muhsin Hassan 32:W21:W9:L36:W18:W8:D6:W
79Nazaruddin Sulaiman 33:L48:W41:L55:W45:L46:L32:W
80Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Phuong 34:W29:W10:W6:D51:L21:W3:L
81Nur Hidayah Mohamed Omar 35:W31:L43:W37:W21:D23:W4:L
82Sethupathy a/p Ponnial 36:L42:L53:W32:W40:W33:L48:W
83Siti Sarah Nik Mazlan 37:L::::::
84Squainah Khairus 38:L46:L54:L:W62:D12:W19:L
85Syafiq Faliq Alfan 39:L52:L:::::
86Syahir Hatim Sholihotdin 40:W33:L52:W38:L41:W75:W29:L
87Syed Ahmad Farhan Iskanda 41:W37:W3:L33:L52:W45:W10:L
88Teoh Lye Soon 42:W36:W18:W51:L20:W15:L31:W
89Vijendran Balakrishnan 43:D23:L17:D::::
90Wan Azmi Wan Othman 44:W38:L45:W42:L46:W36:W33:W
91Zati Hanani bt. Mustafa 45:L:W46:L40:L55:W41:W54:D
92Zubir Othman 46:W39:D5:L69:L77:W22:W18:W

27 December 2007

Perak Closed to Brothers

13-year old Fong Yit San dominated the 2007 Perak Closed Chess Championship with 7 wins and 2 draws. The event took place over 2 days on 24th & 25th November 2007 at the excellent venue provided by Kolej Syuen in Ipoh and was organized by the Perak International Chess Association (PICA)

In a critical 7th round game, Yit San beat pre-tournament favourite Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri. Mustafa had won 5 games in a row after a 1st Round loss to 14-year old Mark Siew. Yit San sealed his tournament win with one round to spare after beating Ho Kok Hoe in the penultimate round, before finishing off with a draw versus Fadzil Nayan in the final round.

2nd place went to 14-year old Fong Yit Ho on 7 points. His only loss was to Mustafa Kamal in the 6th Round with draws against brother Yit San in the 5th round and Ho Kok Hoe in the final round.

18-year old Lawrence Teoh secured 3rd place after a last round showdown win over Mustafa. Mustafa, half-a-point ahead of Lawrence going into the last round, needed a draw but succumbed to sacrificial attack by Lawrence in the opening, lost and ended up on 4th place.

1st place came with RM200 cash prize and the title of “2007 Perak Champion”.

Final Standings
1Fong Yit San B168.042.050.0
2Fong Yit Ho B167.038.051.0
3Lawrence Teoh 6.532.549.0
4Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri
5Mohd Johan Jamil
6Fong Mi Yen B16P6.027.045.0
7Mark Siew B165.532.053.5
8Ahmad Fadzil Nayan5.530.551.0
9Ho Kok Hoe 5.529.047.0
10Mohd Azizul Hakim 5.528.544.0
11Ahmad Mudzafar Ramli5.027.045.0
12Eddy Fong
13Jeffrey Chan 5.025.543.5
14Syamaizar Lup5.025.043.0
15Ahmad Jamal Husni5.024.041.0
16Amirudin Zakaria 4.526.041.5
17Suhaimi Mustafa 4.525.543.0
18Lau Tuck Khein B164.522.541.5
19Mat Zaki Yeop 4.521.036.5
20Azmi Ishak
21Subramaniam Demudu4.020.041.5
22Azmi Ahmad 4.019.539.0
23Ralvin Manikam
25Adrian Loo Wei Nam
26Ahmad Kamal
27Fairuz Hamizah B10P3.514.532.0
28Farith Emir
29Zaki Mahmood
30Muhamad Sirajudin B123.011.029.0
31Ezaq Dzafrieudin B12L2.510.533.5
32Nur Shamsiah 2.59.533.0
33Nur Akmar
34Aina Shafeenaz P1.06.028.5

Cross Table (in Seeding Order)
1Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri 18:L15:W19:W8:W12:W16:W17:L14:W5:L
2Ahmad Mudzafar Ramli19:W10:D7:D21:W5:D17:L14:L11:D24:W
3Ahmad Fadzil Nayan20:W12:W9:W16:L11:D18:L28:D8:W17:D
4Eddy Fong 21:W13:W16:L11:L10:L23:W20:W12:W28:L
5Lawrence Teoh 22:W14:W17:L9:W2:D11:W16:L13:W1:W
6Ahmad Jamal Husni23:W16:L21:L25:W20:W13:L24:W28:L33:W
7Ho Kok Hoe 24:W18:D2:D12:L27:W10:W9:W17:L16:D
8Syamaizar Lup 25:W17:L22:W1:L21:W9:L11:W3:L34:W
9Mohd Johan Jamil 26:W28:W3:L5:L33:W8:W7:L21:W18:W
10Azmi Ishak 27:W2:D18:L14:D4:W7:L21:L15:L32:W
11Jeffrey Chan 28:L32:W24:W4:W3:D5:L8:L2:D14:W
12Suhaimi Mustafa 29:W3:L23:W7:W1:L14:L34:W4:L21:D
13Mohd Azizul Hakim 30:W4:L28:D34:W14:W6:W18:L5:L15:W
14Amirudin Zakaria 31:W5:L27:W10:D13:L12:W2:W1:L11:L
15Mat Zaki Yeop 32:D1:L34:D24:D22:W28:L19:W10:W13:L
16Fong Yit Ho 33:W6:W4:W3:W17:D1:L5:W18:W7:D
17Fong Yit San 34:W8:W5:W18:W16:D2:W1:W7:W3:D
18Mark Siew 1:W7:D10:W17:L28:W3:W13:W16:L9:L
19Zaki Mahmood 2:L26:W1:L28:L30:W24:L15:L31:W23:L
20Kamaruddin 3:L27:L32:W26:W6:L33:W4:L34:L31:W
21Lau Tuck Khein 4:L29:W6:W2:L8:L27:W10:W9:L12:D
22Aina Shafeenaz 5:L31:W8:L27:L15:L26:L29:L::
23Adrian Loo Wei Nam 6:L30:W12:L33:L26:W4:L27:L25:W19:W
24Azmi Ahmad 7:L33:W11:L15:D34:D19:W6:L27:W2:L
25Ezaq Dzafrieudin 8:L34:L30:W6:L29:D31:L32:L23:L:W
26Fairuz Hamizah 9:L19:L31:W20:L23:L22:W30:W33:L29:D
27Farith Emir 10:L20:W14:L22:W7:L21:L23:W24:L30:L
28Fong Mi Yen 11:W9:L13:D19:W18:L15:W3:D6:W4:W
29Ahmad Kamal 12:L21:L33:L32:W25:D34:L22:W30:W26:D
30Muhamad Sirajudin 13:L23:L25:L31:W19:L32:W26:L29:L27:W
31Nur Akmar 14:L22:L26:L30:L32:W25:W33:L19:L20:L
32Nur Shamsiah 15:D11:L20:L29:L31:L30:L25:W:W10:L
33Ralvin Manikam 16:L24:L29:W23:W9:L20:L31:W26:W6:L
34Subramaniam Demudu17:L25:W15:D13:L24:D29:W12:L20:W8:L


hairulov chessmaniacs said...
Not bad, eddy, you got 12th place.
edfong said...
ha ha, this old man can still play but koyak in the afternoon games when it is normally time for a nap.
hairulov chessmaniacs said...
yeah...more like "pancit" ...i also always like that...win first 2-3 early games in a row and after that start losing to stronger opponent...hehehe
Anonymous said...
haha... its more like.. first few games played against weak players thats win .. later games play wif stronger thats why lose:P..
edfong said...
Haahh!! Mr Anonymous, you got my tail up. I'll post the results of another event I played less than a year ago when I beat stronger players in the morning but lose to 'weaker' players later in the day. Just wait a few days.

24 December 2007

Clear Win for Fadzil at Clearwater 2007

Ahmad Fadzil Nayan won the Clearwater Sanctuary yesterday with a perfect 6/6 score ahead of 48 players. The event was held at the beautiful Clearwater Water Sanctuary Golf and Country Resort which sponsored the venue and prizes of 2 Nights' stay at the resort located just outside Batu Gajah town. Perak International Chess Association (PICA) organised the event.

20-year old Fadzil hails from Kampung Lambor not far from the venue and currently a student at Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, Gombak. He comes from a well-known Perak chess family and first came into prominence as a 9-year old boy winning against older and adult players in PICA events back in 1996.

One year later, a 10-year old Fadzil won the bronze medal (under-12) for Perak at the 1997 MSSM Championship (behind Aaron Yee (Gold), also from Perak, and Penang’s Jonathan Chuah (Silver)). That was the last year chess appeared in the MSSM calendar until reinstatement in 2004. Fadzil went on to represent Malaysia at the World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad held in Kuala Lumpur in 2002 and the Malaysia-Singapore matches.

1st Prize for Fadzil consists of RM200 cash plus a 1-night stay at the Clearwater Sanctuary Resort for 2 persons valued at RM160.

14-year old Fong Yit Ho from nearby Kampar, ended runner-up on tie-break ahead of 3rd place Azlan Shah.
Arbiters Yunus Sharif and NM Chan Swee Loon hard at work


Prize Winners:

ChampionAhmad Fadzil NayanRM200 + 1 Night’s Stay At Clearwater
2ndFong Yit HoRM120+ 1 Night’s Stay At Clearwater
3rd Azlan ShahRM100
4th Fong Yit SanRM80
5th Bakri Abdul KarimRM60
6th Aamir BashirRM50
7th Agus BaharuddinRM40
8th Ahmad Mudzafar RamliRM30
9th Ooi Chong LipRM30
10th Mohd Johan JamilRM30
Best VeteranRashid IsmailRM40
Best U16 BoyFirdaus KamarudinRM30
BU16 GirlEe Shu JingRM30
Best U12 BoyEe Kong YunRM20
Best U12 GirlFong Mi LynRM20

Final Standings

1Ahmad Fadzil Nayan6.021.521.5
2Fong Yit Ho 5.021.515.5
3Azlan Shah
4Fong Yit San 4.521.515.0
5Bakri Abdul Karim
6Aamir Bashir 4.022.514.5
7Agus Baharuddin4.021.012.0
8Ahmad Mudzafar Ramli4.020.511.0
9Ooi Chong Lip 4.020.510.5
10Mohd Johan Jamil
11Mohd Azizul Hakim
12Azmi Ishak
13Ooi Chong Hean
14Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri 4.017.512.0
15Mat Zaki Yeop
16Firdaus Kamarudin 3.522.012.0
17Azwan Zaabah 3.519.59.8
18Mark Siew 3.519.010.0
19Lau Tuck Khein 3.516.59.3
20Ng Zhan Jian 3.514.06.3
21Ee Kong Yun
22Subramaniam Demudu3.021.59.0
23Chan Wei Minh
25Syamaizar Lop
26Muhd Hazim Mohamad
27Raja Babar Nasser
28Chong Sue Sin
29Muhammad Syamil
30Ee Shu Jing 2.520.07.5
31Rashid Ismail 2.520.07.3
32Mohd Izwan 2.520.06.3
33Cheang Weng Chuing 2.519.04.8
34Mohd Azlan 2.517.06.8
35Lau Jing Wen 2.517.04.8
36Tay Yun Min
37Mohd Aiman
38Muhamad Faiz Mahaidin
39Ee Kong Liang
40Ahmad Shukri
41Tay Yun Yean
42Shuvethan Siva
43Ahmad Kamal 1.517.02.8
44Junwibowo 1.515.03.3
45Fong Mi Lyn
46Ee Kong Yu
47Noor Amalina 0.515.00.3
48Yee Mei Yi

Cross Table (in Seeding Order)

1Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri 25:L43:W18:L31:W23:W16:W
2Bakri Abdul Karim 26:W17:W20:W7:W5:L12:L
3Ahmad Mudzafar Ramli 27:W18:W14:L20:L28:W8:W
4Ooi Chong Hean 28:W20:L21:L30:W35:W17:W
5Ahmad Fadzil Nayan 29:W22:W35:W14:W2:W6:W
6Ooi Chong Lip 30:W32:L22:W36:W16:W5:L
7Agus Baharuddin 31:W24:W45:W2:L32:W14:L
8Syamaizar Lop 32:L34:W28:W18:L38:W3:L
9Mohd Johan Jamil 33:W25:D32:D21:D36:W11:D
10Azmi Ishak 34:W36:D19:L37:W21:W32:D
11Mohd Azizul Hakim 35:L31:W24:W29:W20:D9:D
12Azlan Shah 36:L38:W40:W35:W18:W2:W
13Mat Zaki Yeop 37:W35:L27:W45:L41:W18:W
14Fong Yit Ho 38:W40:W3:W5:L45:W7:W
15Junwibowo 39:W45:L29:L25:L31:L33:D
16Muhammad Syamil Zaki 40:L42:W30:W47:W6:L1:L
17Raja Babar Nasser 41:W2:L47:L33:W29:W4:L
18Chan Wei Minh 42:W3:L1:W8:W12:L13:L
19Azwan Zaabah 43:D47:W10:W32:L25:W20:L
20Fong Yit San 44:W4:W2:L3:W11:D19:W
21Mark Siew 45:L33:W4:W9:D10:L39:W
22Kamaruddin 46:W5:L6:L41:L33:W47:W
23Lau Tuck Khein 47:L37:D39:W43:W1:L45:W
24Ee Kong Liang 48:W7:L11:L28:L26:L30:W
25Ee Shu Jing 1:W9:D36:L15:W19:L26:L
26Ng Zhan Jian 2:L39:D43:L42:W24:W25:W
27Ahmad Shukri 3:L44:W13:L38:L40:L34:W
28Muhd Hazim Mohamad 4:L41:W8:L24:W3:L38:W
29Cheang Weng Chuing 5:L46:W15:W11:L17:L40:D
30Fong Mi Lyn 6:L48:W16:L4:L46:L24:L
31Chong Sue Sin 7:L11:L42:W1:L15:W44:W
32Aamir Bashir 8:W6:W9:D19:W7:L10:D
33Ahmad Kamal 9:L21:L44:W17:L22:L15:D
34Ee Kong Yu 10:L8:L37:L46:L48:W27:L
35Ee Kong Yun 11:W13:W5:L12:L4:L46:W
36Firdaus Kamarudin 12:W10:D25:W6:L9:L43:W
37Lau Jing Wen 13:L23:D34:W10:L39:L41:W
38Mohd Aiman 14:L12:L48:W27:W8:L28:L
39Mohd Azlan 15:L26:D23:L40:W37:W21:L
40Mohd Izwan 16:W14:L12:L39:L27:W29:D
41Muhamad Faiz Mahaidin 17:L28:L46:W22:W13:L37:L
42Noor Amalina 18:L16:L31:L26:L44:L48:D
43Rashid Ismail 19:D1:L26:W23:L47:W36:L
44Shuvethan Siva 20:L27:L33:L48:W42:W31:L
45Subramaniam Demudu 21:W15:W7:L13:W14:L23:L
46Tay Yun Yean 22:L29:L41:L34:W30:W35:L
47Tay Yun Min 23:W19:L17:W16:L43:L22:L
48Yee Mei Yi 24:L30:L38:L44:L34:L42:D


hairulov chessmaniacs said...
Hi Eddy, Nice to see and hear you "back" into chess. I enjoyed your Malay Mail article (Chess Mail) before. Good job! Hairulov
edfong said...
Hi Hairul I am Eddy Fong and not the famous Eddie Chua (formerly) of Malay Mail. And I enjoy your Chessmaniacs blog very much.
hairulov chessmaniacs said...
ooh sorry ...but thanks anyway..somehow your name are fimiliar for me in local chess scence. tq