27 December 2007

Perak Closed to Brothers

13-year old Fong Yit San dominated the 2007 Perak Closed Chess Championship with 7 wins and 2 draws. The event took place over 2 days on 24th & 25th November 2007 at the excellent venue provided by Kolej Syuen in Ipoh and was organized by the Perak International Chess Association (PICA)

In a critical 7th round game, Yit San beat pre-tournament favourite Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri. Mustafa had won 5 games in a row after a 1st Round loss to 14-year old Mark Siew. Yit San sealed his tournament win with one round to spare after beating Ho Kok Hoe in the penultimate round, before finishing off with a draw versus Fadzil Nayan in the final round.

2nd place went to 14-year old Fong Yit Ho on 7 points. His only loss was to Mustafa Kamal in the 6th Round with draws against brother Yit San in the 5th round and Ho Kok Hoe in the final round.

18-year old Lawrence Teoh secured 3rd place after a last round showdown win over Mustafa. Mustafa, half-a-point ahead of Lawrence going into the last round, needed a draw but succumbed to sacrificial attack by Lawrence in the opening, lost and ended up on 4th place.

1st place came with RM200 cash prize and the title of “2007 Perak Champion”.

Final Standings
1Fong Yit San B168.042.050.0
2Fong Yit Ho B167.038.051.0
3Lawrence Teoh 6.532.549.0
4Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri
5Mohd Johan Jamil
6Fong Mi Yen B16P6.027.045.0
7Mark Siew B165.532.053.5
8Ahmad Fadzil Nayan5.530.551.0
9Ho Kok Hoe 5.529.047.0
10Mohd Azizul Hakim 5.528.544.0
11Ahmad Mudzafar Ramli5.027.045.0
12Eddy Fong
13Jeffrey Chan 5.025.543.5
14Syamaizar Lup5.025.043.0
15Ahmad Jamal Husni5.024.041.0
16Amirudin Zakaria 4.526.041.5
17Suhaimi Mustafa 4.525.543.0
18Lau Tuck Khein B164.522.541.5
19Mat Zaki Yeop 4.521.036.5
20Azmi Ishak
21Subramaniam Demudu4.020.041.5
22Azmi Ahmad 4.019.539.0
23Ralvin Manikam
25Adrian Loo Wei Nam
26Ahmad Kamal
27Fairuz Hamizah B10P3.514.532.0
28Farith Emir
29Zaki Mahmood
30Muhamad Sirajudin B123.011.029.0
31Ezaq Dzafrieudin B12L2.510.533.5
32Nur Shamsiah 2.59.533.0
33Nur Akmar
34Aina Shafeenaz P1.06.028.5

Cross Table (in Seeding Order)
1Mustafa Kamal Zamhuri 18:L15:W19:W8:W12:W16:W17:L14:W5:L
2Ahmad Mudzafar Ramli19:W10:D7:D21:W5:D17:L14:L11:D24:W
3Ahmad Fadzil Nayan20:W12:W9:W16:L11:D18:L28:D8:W17:D
4Eddy Fong 21:W13:W16:L11:L10:L23:W20:W12:W28:L
5Lawrence Teoh 22:W14:W17:L9:W2:D11:W16:L13:W1:W
6Ahmad Jamal Husni23:W16:L21:L25:W20:W13:L24:W28:L33:W
7Ho Kok Hoe 24:W18:D2:D12:L27:W10:W9:W17:L16:D
8Syamaizar Lup 25:W17:L22:W1:L21:W9:L11:W3:L34:W
9Mohd Johan Jamil 26:W28:W3:L5:L33:W8:W7:L21:W18:W
10Azmi Ishak 27:W2:D18:L14:D4:W7:L21:L15:L32:W
11Jeffrey Chan 28:L32:W24:W4:W3:D5:L8:L2:D14:W
12Suhaimi Mustafa 29:W3:L23:W7:W1:L14:L34:W4:L21:D
13Mohd Azizul Hakim 30:W4:L28:D34:W14:W6:W18:L5:L15:W
14Amirudin Zakaria 31:W5:L27:W10:D13:L12:W2:W1:L11:L
15Mat Zaki Yeop 32:D1:L34:D24:D22:W28:L19:W10:W13:L
16Fong Yit Ho 33:W6:W4:W3:W17:D1:L5:W18:W7:D
17Fong Yit San 34:W8:W5:W18:W16:D2:W1:W7:W3:D
18Mark Siew 1:W7:D10:W17:L28:W3:W13:W16:L9:L
19Zaki Mahmood 2:L26:W1:L28:L30:W24:L15:L31:W23:L
20Kamaruddin 3:L27:L32:W26:W6:L33:W4:L34:L31:W
21Lau Tuck Khein 4:L29:W6:W2:L8:L27:W10:W9:L12:D
22Aina Shafeenaz 5:L31:W8:L27:L15:L26:L29:L::
23Adrian Loo Wei Nam 6:L30:W12:L33:L26:W4:L27:L25:W19:W
24Azmi Ahmad 7:L33:W11:L15:D34:D19:W6:L27:W2:L
25Ezaq Dzafrieudin 8:L34:L30:W6:L29:D31:L32:L23:L:W
26Fairuz Hamizah 9:L19:L31:W20:L23:L22:W30:W33:L29:D
27Farith Emir 10:L20:W14:L22:W7:L21:L23:W24:L30:L
28Fong Mi Yen 11:W9:L13:D19:W18:L15:W3:D6:W4:W
29Ahmad Kamal 12:L21:L33:L32:W25:D34:L22:W30:W26:D
30Muhamad Sirajudin 13:L23:L25:L31:W19:L32:W26:L29:L27:W
31Nur Akmar 14:L22:L26:L30:L32:W25:W33:L19:L20:L
32Nur Shamsiah 15:D11:L20:L29:L31:L30:L25:W:W10:L
33Ralvin Manikam 16:L24:L29:W23:W9:L20:L31:W26:W6:L
34Subramaniam Demudu17:L25:W15:D13:L24:D29:W12:L20:W8:L


hairulov chessmaniacs said...
Not bad, eddy, you got 12th place.
edfong said...
ha ha, this old man can still play but koyak in the afternoon games when it is normally time for a nap.
hairulov chessmaniacs said...
yeah...more like "pancit" ...i also always like that...win first 2-3 early games in a row and after that start losing to stronger opponent...hehehe
Anonymous said...
haha... its more like.. first few games played against weak players thats win .. later games play wif stronger thats why lose:P..
edfong said...
Haahh!! Mr Anonymous, you got my tail up. I'll post the results of another event I played less than a year ago when I beat stronger players in the morning but lose to 'weaker' players later in the day. Just wait a few days.