11 March 2011

NAG comes to Perak

The National Age-Group will start at the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) near Tronoh tomorrow. Organised by the Malaysian Chess Federation, UTP is sponsoring the venue with logistics support from members of the University's Student Representatives Council. The Perak Chess Association is assisting with chess clocks and sets.

The total number of entries for all the 12 categories together exceeds 380.

Special mention for organising the event goes to Greg, the MCF Honorary Secretary, the main coordinator and prime mover, and Uztaz Rahman, who lectures at UTP, a committee member of the Perak Chess Association and the main man who got UTP to sponsor the venue for the playing hall and closing ceremony.

After a few minutes look at the venue, I must say this is the most impressive venue for a National Age-Group event ever, and I mean ever.  The pictures below do not really do the place justice. You have to see it to believe it.

Entrance to the playing hall

The playing hall all set and ready to go

Playing hall with a view of the viewing area

Playing hall and viewing area from the arbiter's area

The Enablers, Uztaz Rahman, Greg Lau, Marcus Yeoh
and a member of the university's Sudent Representatives Council

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