30 December 2007

1 Illegal Move = 2 Minutes

The FIDE Laws of Chess are reviewed and may be modified every four years. Active players need to know the latest laws in order not to miss out on claims which may be worth a half-point in critical games.

The latest set of FIDE Laws of Chess was approved in the 2004 FIDE General Assembly and all modifications were effective from 1 July 2005. I thought I knew the FIDE Laws pretty well but in the recent Perak Closed in Ipoh, I learnt something new.

Johan Jamil had white against Fadzil Nayan in a Round 3 game. The time control was 40 minutes each for the whole game which means the Rapid Rules were effective. As usual in rapid games between two players of the same standard, there was a frantic time scramble. The players were left with something like 20 seconds each in a critical endgame position and both were still playing to win.

Then Johan made an illegal move but Fadzil responded almost immediately. After Johan made his next move, Fadzil realized that Johan’s earlier move was illegal and shouted “Illegal move!! Illegal move!! Arbiter, tambah dua minit, tambah dua minit!!”. The clocks were stopped, the arbiter reverted to the position just before the illegal move and increased Fadzil’s time by 2 minutes. Johan did not protest. Fadzil got the full point when Johan’s flag dropped.

I was not aware of this 2-minute rule for an illegal move and looked it up when I got home. There was indeed such a rule in the latest FIDE Laws of Chess (effective 1 July 2005) although I am not sure when it was included. The rule is applicable under specific circumstances.

But was the 2 minute rule correctly applied in the Johan-Fadzil game described above? Was the arbiter’s decision correct? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...
Its wrong...if u made an illegal move and your opponent didnt spot it..then the move is deemed legal..he should have claimed it when he made the illegal move at first before replying....its the same goes when you start ur game and your king and queen is placed wrong...once u started the game, its deemed its legal (thats why, please check your pieces)..one more advice, check the chess clock yourself! onces u have started it and you realised that you have lesser minute...ur opponent has the right to say that the current time condition stay...... In this case..both players does know the chess rule but unfortunately, does not know the subtances over it (so i guess the smart one wins end of the day) Johan should have argued tat it was the move before Fadzil replied...end of the day, the arbiter needs more experience in this and its a very dangerous situation nowdays whereby arbiters have their own 'precedent'...its the subtance over form that matters....
hairulov chessmaniacs said...
fadzil should claim illegal move right after johan have made the move. But if he have reply the move the so called illegal move is "legal" now!