26 February 2012

Onwards to ‘New Nagas’

For Malaysian chess players to progress and raise the general standard of play, it was my view that our serious players should have:
  • Regular competition with peers or stronger players with ‘long time control’;
  • One or more platforms for exchanges of ideas; and
  • A FIDE rating.

chess-malaysia Revisited

I was feeling nostalgic as I read Hairul’s posting at hairulovchessmaniac.com where he reproduced an article Najib wrote in the Yahoo!chess-malaysia forum back in 2003. Those were the days when I had to access that forum almost every day. Otherwise cannot sleep. However, I had not visited that forum for some years until after reading Hairul’s post.

For 6 years from 2000 and 2006, the chess-malaysia forum was the hang-out place for the Malaysian internet chess community.

25 February 2012

From Rapid to Standard Chess

Rapid chess events (25 minutes per player) have been the norm in Malaysian weekend  chess events for many years now. Such events has seen increasingly higher number of participants over these years, which indicates its important place in the Malaysian chess scene. This is especially so from the social chess perspective and playing chess as an interesting and healthy hobby.

Malaysia FIDE-Rating Project: 10 Years Later

It is now 10 years since I kicked off the Malaysia FIDE Rating Project (in February2002). The number of Malaysian FIDE rated players have multiplied 6-fold from something like 60 (01/2002 FRL) to 369 on the 01/2012 FRL. And the number of active FIDE-rated players increased more than 10 times from less than 20 to 215 ten years later.

New Nagas Standard Tournament: Revision of Time Control

After discussions with interested parties, the time control for the New Nagas Standard Tournament (17th & 18th March 2012) has been revised to '35 minutes for the first 30 moves, plus a further 25 minutes each to the finish'. The objective of the time control in this event is so that players will be guided towards having reasonable time left to play late middlegame or endgame positions. The revised time control is expected to achieve the same objective.

22 February 2012

Blitz, Rapid, Standard, Classical?

Chess tournaments may use different time controls and we refer to these events as blitz or rapid or classical chess based on the time control. But is there really a big difference other than having to move faster if less time is given.

Blitz and rapid time controls are specially mentioned in the FIDE Laws of Chess and its Appendices. Anything less than 15 minutes given to each player for the whole game is blitz.  Thus, 14 minutes each (14/G) is blitz, but 15 minutes each is not. Blitz Rules (in Section B of Appendices) apply to blitz games. For example, a player can claim a win if the opponent makes an illegal move. Also the 2-minute rule (for claiming draws) does not apply in a blitz game.

17 February 2012

New Nagas Standard Chess Tournament, 17th & 18th March 2012

@ Dato’ Arthur Tan Chess Centre
     4th Flr Kompleks Wilayah, Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur

Eligibility:         Malaysians with a FIDE rating below 2200 or Malaysians without a FIDE rating.
Format:             7 Rounds Swiss System (The Swiss Manager pairing program shall be used).
Accelerated pairings shall be used for the first 2 or 3 rounds.
Time Control:   35 minutes for the first 30 moves (updated 25 February 2012), plus a further 25 minutes each to the finish.
Entry fees:        RM50 per participant