26 February 2012

chess-malaysia Revisited

I was feeling nostalgic as I read Hairul’s posting at hairulovchessmaniac.com where he reproduced an article Najib wrote in the Yahoo!chess-malaysia forum back in 2003. Those were the days when I had to access that forum almost every day. Otherwise cannot sleep. However, I had not visited that forum for some years until after reading Hairul’s post.

For 6 years from 2000 and 2006, the chess-malaysia forum was the hang-out place for the Malaysian internet chess community.
We discussed many hot topics not least of which were those on how to get Malaysian chess to the next level, junior chess development, our first grandmaster, MCF roles, etc, etc. Many chess players, and fans contributed their ideas and opinions in the very interesting discussions.

At one time, I wondered why the discussions at the forum suddenly stopped. Then I had thought that the discussions moved to the blogs as new tools made it increasingly easier to blog and the introduction of shout boxes. For several years until 2006, Andrew’s gilachess.com was the only other significant internet institution on Malaysian chess. If memory served me correctly, Yee Weng set up a blog in late 2005 with one or two postings. This was followed by Jimmy’s ‘IM Talk’, with my ‘1st Malaysia GM’ blog up next. Of these blogs, only Gilachess retained any real significance. (Jimmy later opened another channel for his significant IM voice with his ‘Chess is Chess’ blog).

The blogging boom took off soon thereafter.

From a review (in my mind), I have the impression that the level of discussions in subsequent forums and blogs did not reach the heights of those in the chess-malaysia forum. I did not come across any new idea or new ground in later discussions that had not been thoroughly discussed before. With this new insight, I am starting to think that perhaps the real reason why the chess-malaysia discussions died off was because the participants had more or less agreed on what should be in place, if Malaysia chess were to progress from its 30-year stagnation. Nothing more to talk about. Next up is to implement the ideas.

I look forward to Malaysian chess progressing to the next level.

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