25 February 2012

New Nagas Standard Tournament: Revision of Time Control

After discussions with interested parties, the time control for the New Nagas Standard Tournament (17th & 18th March 2012) has been revised to '35 minutes for the first 30 moves, plus a further 25 minutes each to the finish'. The objective of the time control in this event is so that players will be guided towards having reasonable time left to play late middlegame or endgame positions. The revised time control is expected to achieve the same objective.

The practical difference (to the original time control) is that players do not immediately need to record their moves if they have less than 5 minutes on their clock before the first time control. These unrecorded moves however have to be recorded immediately after successfully negoatiating the first time control. From the organisational perspective, the arbiter does not need to manually reset the clocks with the revised time control. Resources may thus be redirected to ensure a more efficiently managed event.

The event documents have been updated to reflect the above changes.

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