21 March 2012

Dato’ Arthur Tan Chess Centre: An Appreciation

I wish to express my thanks to the management of the Dato’ Arthur Tan Chess Centre for allowing me to use the Chess Centre and its facilities for the New Nagas Tournament over the weekend. Special thanks go to Dato’ Tan, Mr Choo and Mr Giam for their help in organising the event.

Arranging for a venue, furniture and chess equipment is one of the most challenging aspects in organising a chess event. The logistics involved in moving furniture and equipment between to and from event venue requires substantial work and coordination (and costs).

The Dato’ Arthur Tan Chess Centre offers furniture custom-made for chess competition and on-site chess equipment.  An organiser using the Chess Centre avoids the logistical nightmare of moving furniture and equipment and reduces a lot of an organiser’s work. Thus it was a real pleasure to be able to use the Chess Centre for last weekend’s New Nagas Chess Tournament.

The Dato’ Arthur Tan Chess Centre has recently seen further improvements in its layout and setting. And with the plans the new management of the Chess Centre have in mind, things will get even better.

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