11 April 2012

Brunei Open: Round 7 Preview

Complete Round 7 Pairings:

1GMDzhumaev Marat 2494GMVakhidov Tahir 2481
2FMPitra Andika 2305IMYap Kim Steven 2405
3GMNguyen Anh Dung 243944GMBarbosa Oliver 2585
4GMSriram Jha 240644GMDao Thien Hai 2515
5IMVakhidov Jakhongir 239644GMBitoon Richard 2455
6IMSharma Dinesh K 235044IMDimakiling Oliver 2447
7IMMas Hafizulhelmi 23774FMTurqueza Mari Joseph 2273
8FMYee Soon Wei 22003Yeoh Li Tian 2204
9Abidin Zukkernain 212633Yap Choow Tun 2028
10Fong Yit San 200233Pg L Wijaya Pg Hj Mohd Limbang 2126
11Hj. Azahari Md Nur Arrifin 198633Hj. Azahari Md Aliuddin 2097
12Zulkipli Zaidan 206633Kamis Kamarunsalehin 1821
13Hj. Azahari Siti Nur Fatimah 205933Fong Yit Ho 2001
14Lee William Kah Howe 17773Hj. Mahrup Hj. Kipli -
15Karunanayake Mayuri 1675Zain Izzuddin -
16See Jun Wei -22Ding Tze How Dilwen 1739
17Suni Syairazi -22Morani Md Nazif -
18Timbang Japar -Muhd Kasim Abdul Matin 2036
19Yussof Pg Abd Rahman -Koh Pokk Huan -
20Adenan Metussin -0Lee Benjamin Kah Teng -

After 6 rounds of play, the Caissa distillation process has done its job, the kerosene has been separated from the diesel, and diesel from the bitumen, or ..... is 'separating the wheat from the chaff' a better analogy. Okay I've confused myself.

Just look at the pairings yourself. After the occasional upsets here and there, class is still class, you cannot deny it. The title holders have floated to the top of the pairings table, the untitled rated players settling in the middle. And the unrated players, ..... now we have a better idea why they are unrated.

The players at the top 7 boards will be taking a peek at the prize list  (Main Prizes:1st-USD1500 to 12th-USD200).  Strategic draws with a wink (or two) and understanding nods?

GM norms? Nahhh...none of the IMs have demonstrated GM-norm performances, so we are not likely to see any GM norms from this event. (It looks like the field is not deep enough at the top end to support GM norm chances).  As for IM norms, the 2 FMs on 4 points or more, probably have to win all their remaining games to have a shot.

The Brunei players have the local prizes to target.

Li Tian, Zaidan, Yit San and Yit Ho still have chances for a top-12 finish, but realistically, outsiders at best. That will entail winning their winnable Round 7 games, hope for a kind draw (as in a 'generous opponent') for Round 8 and a big upset win against a titled opponent in the final round. Well... you never know if you don't try.

However, more to the point is that these 4 Malaysian players will be looking to play for rating points in the final 3 rounds.

Li Tian probably already has the U16 1st Prize (USD150) in the bag, while William and Dilwen are still in the mix for the 2nd (USD100) and 3rd (USD50) U16 Prizes.

Good luck, boys.


  1. Brunei actually got many titled player...not chess title but 'Haji' title! :)

    Go and get em, tigers!

  2. Sorry Ilham, I din know Haji is a title!

    Eddy, I think the two FMs have a shot, either with 2.5 from three or maybe even 2/3 (depending on who they have met)

  3. Jimmy, that's the crux of the problem. Taking on Pitra's case, he has 2 wins against unrated players and another against a 1800+ player. If the field had been deeper (and stronger, and accelerated pairings used), he would maybe have avoided the unrated players. As it happened, after losing to GM Tahir in R2, he dropped down to face 1800+ and unrated opponents in the next two rounds.

    With a deeper field, a norm candidate after losing at a top board, would still maybe meet another titled opponent lower down the rankings.

    So this Brunei field, while it provides more opportunities for lower-rated players to play much higher rated opponents, is not very friendly to norm hunters.

  4. It seems like Pitra has already achieved a norm with a round to go, provided that both unrated he played has their rating moved up to the rating floor. Not sure how to interpret the rules on this. Can only one unrated be moved up? How then to calculate the rating of the other unrated?