19 April 2012

Malaysian Juniors GM Wins

List of Wins by Malaysian Juniors over Grandmasters at Classical Chess:

 Year JuniorAge GM Rtg-GM  Event Place Type
 1997 Ronnie 14 Suradiradja, H   2240 Gunadarma Jakarta Swiss Open
 1999 Mas 18 Rogers, I    2618 Saintly Cup Sydney RR
 2000 Mas 19 Ardiansyah, H  2396 Wah Seong IM Penang RR
 2000 Jonathan 14 Ardiansyah, H  2396 Wah Seong IM Penang RR
 2003 Nicholas 18 Dzhumaev, M  2495 Asian Team Jodphur Swiss Team
 2012 Yit Ho 19 Bitoon, R  2455 Campomanes Brunei Swiss Open
 2012 Li Tian 13 Barbosa, O  2585 Campomanes Brunei Swiss Open

Anyone with information on more such wins, please tell.


  1. Li Tian youngest junior to beat a GM. Mas beats the highest rated GM. Got it.

  2. is junior not U18? how is it being defined?

  3. Considering all the unnecessary negativity about Malaysian chess blog scene, I thought of bringing to everybody's attention something positive.

    There are a few Malaysian students playing overseas. They are Lim Zhuo Ren, Kaushal Kandhar, Ho Wei Yang, and Chua Zie Wearn. Kaushal and Ho are active in playing for Edinburgh university. These can be seen here at the university chess club:

    Chua played in a team tournament recently which also featured Singapores Shanmugam Ravindran: http://www.buca.org.uk/news/2012-buca-championship-february-25-26 They both met in 3rd round, but unfortunately Chua lost.

    Although they are not officially representing Malaysia, they are doing us proud.