16 April 2012

Responding to Dumbass Comments

I was away at Slim River the whole day yesterday (Sunday) playing at the KLK Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Event. When I finally got home, my wife told me an 'anonymous' had been attacking me and my kids in the comments section of a recent article.

I had a look and quickly decided that it was just rubbish by some small-minded fella who knows next to nothing about chess strategy. So I promptly deleted all the several comments by 'anonymous' who I presume are from the same person. After all, that's what the delete and thrash-can buttons are for, isn't it? Rubbish into the rubbish bin and the house is clean again.

Really, if this 'anonymous' fella is a chess coach, I really pity its students. A coach who doesn't understand basic match strategy. How far can the students of such a coach go? Jaguh Kampung? Maybe, but that's about it. Do we still have to wonder why Malaysian chess seems to be going nowhere if we have such 'coaches' or 'experts'?

However before I got home, my daughter, WCM Fong Mi Yen, was so infuriated with the unwarranted 'injustifiable' attacks on me and family, that she decided to counter-attack and show up the ignorance of this 'anonymous' fella, who had presented itself as an 'expert' or 'knowlegeable' chess person. So Mi Yen wrote a piece to explain basic match strategy when playing against a GM in her blog and link it from my blog's comments section.

I deleted that link as I did not want anything connected to 'anonymous' to remain on this blog. However, Jimmy had read my Mi Yen's post before I deleted and commented here that he agrees with the strategy part of Mi Yen's lesson for the 'anonymous' chess 'expert'. Due to popular requests and to make sense of Jimmy comments on this matter, I am re-establishing the link to Mi Yen's posting in her blog.

Link: Mi Yen's lesson for an 'expert' on Malaysian chess

After reading Mi Yen's post, you might have better idea why this fella used 'anonymous' instead of using a real name. Go figure.


  1. There you go again, publishing posts at un-earthly hours. I just got home, for godsake

  2. Aiyah, daytime have to earn a living. Night time only got time. Home just before midnight? Why? Fairy godmother say carriage reverting to pumpkin ah?

  3. Oh, forgot. Congrats on your lucrative Seremban project on Sunday.

  4. Edfong, you did not come across as a narrow-minded person before and so you are if you choose to delete this. I challenge you to reproduce my post, if you can, and let others decide where I attacked you and your family. At least quote the "offending" sentence. If not, you are just another coward. You assume you are a better chess player than me? Let me tell you for a start I have never lost to a woman player before IM/NM or otherwise, EVER. Can you claim the same for your family? Go figure. This is not to offend you but to show you there are better players than you think. Why you attacked my playing strength, I may never know.
    I can assure you this post can also appear on some other more popular blog. You may not like that.

  5. The preceding comment by 'anonymous' and his latest one under the ‘Of …’ article is what I consider rubbish comments. Egoistic, emotional, defensive, unreasoned, etc. Challenge here, challenge there. Show me here, show me there. Prove to me here, prove to me there. (Sounds like an MCA supporter). Adds nothing to furthering discussion on the substantial topic.

    I would normally delete such comments as I am not interested to engage with such a narrow-minded person. But this time, I shall leave it for a few days so that other readers have the chance to read it and form their own views about it.

    I enjoy a reasoned discussion or debate on a topic I am interested (subject to available time and mood). I give my views and say why and you give your view and say why. And if the other person highlights something I had missed out in my evaluation, I readily accept it and modify my earlier view. I won't defend a clearly erroneous view if it had been shown out, just for the sake of ego, don't want to lose face, etc.
    Where it is a matter of opinion, then if we don't agree after both sides have given our views and the whys, then so be it, and move on.

    But come on lah, why resort to personal attacks by belittling some more whatever already little achievements that me and my family have enjoyed in the past. These may not be much to some people, but they are something we treasure, whether as memories or otherwise.
    I consider a dumb and belittling assessment of the Yit Ho-Bitoon game as an attack. If ‘anonymous’ is who it claims to be – ‘among the strongest in the country’, I would expect its grasp of match strategy to be much, much better. This means that the comment it made, and which was addressed by Mi Yen, was a clear attack on her brother, my family. It follows then, that the anonymous comment was written for the sole purpose of belittling Yit Ho's win which is a clear and pre-meditated attack on my family.

    Assessment on ‘anonymous’:
    Hey, 'anonymous', since you disclaim some of the comments by 'anonymous' by claiming only to be ‘one of the so-called "anonymous" posters', how would I know which ‘anonymous’ is you and which is not. And now, you some more 'challenge' me to reproduce your previous comments. How do I know which comment is yours and which is not. You are really a dumbass.

    The comment which you claimed is yours (by responding to Mi Yen’s lesson specially prepared for you, and my this post), has been reproduced in full in Mi Yen's blog. And here you some more ask me to reproduce your comment. You are really, really a dumbass.

    If you are really ‘among the strongest in the country’, then I know another reason why we still don't have GM. But then again, I would be insulting the real top players by accepting that your claim.

    And I can’t find the offending statement where I ‘attacked your playing strength’. Yes, I attacked your grasp of match strategy. Yes, I attacked your coaching credentials. All these based solely on your poor grasp of match strategy, which Mi Yen has shown out, and if dare say again, endorsed by Jimmy.

    And Yes, I attacked your dumbness, but what else can I do if you talk nonsense and attack my family. You really must be a top student or top disciple of that mind coach guy who writes as ‘fgm’. You are another one seeming to claim here,
    ‘If I talk nonsense, why attack me?’

    Ok, I have completed my assessment, I hereby certify that this ‘anonymous’ guy who claims to be ‘among the strongest in the country’ to be one of the top dumbasses in the country.

  6. I'm directly addressing Anonymous in the above comments.

    I too take offence with the way you wrote your comments. You wrote "I have never lost to a woman player before IM/NM or otherwise, EVER" as if it is some kind of achievement. This is the 21st century and this kind of chauvinistic mentality has no place here. There are stronger and weaker women players than you. What you mean is you have not met a stronger one yet, I do not see that as an "achievement".

    I am not taking sides here, but you do come across as some smart alec kid with an ego.

  7. Cool ya, Eddy.

    In my opinion, it is better to leave the anonymous comments in your article. Those postings may not be from same person.

    By removing it, people who didn't know you in person may begin to think what's the difference between RS and you since you guys remove away unfavourable comments.

    Anyway, I always love to read your articles since the days in yahoo group.

    P/S: Check-out Ronnie's latest comment on 11yo vs 11yo, 15yo vs 15yo, etc. I too agree (80+%) with his analysis.

  8. ok Tse-pin, I've removed the duplicates. I appreciate your comment above and accept it as guidance.

    I was already in some sort of bad mood last night when I came across more attacks on my children in NInja's blog. (http://thechessninja.blogspot.com/2012/04/stupid-people.html#comment-form).

    It is ok to attack me personally, say I am useless bugger, weak player, dumb coach, talk nonsense, idiot, etc. No problem. I won't react as I like to think that I am self-confident enough not to give two hoots about what others think about me.
    But attacking my children is a no-no. I readily admit it is my weakness as it is for all responsible fathers. How would my children feel if they see such comments? Although I know how self-confident my children are and that such comments are unlikely to affect them much, I still don't like it.

    Thus I decided to hit out. Anyone who comments as ‘anonymous’ should expect to be tarred with the same brush as others who also comment as ‘anonymous’. I make no apologies for that. The most innocent commenter will be assumed to be the same person as the most disgusting commenter, especially so if it is a series of comments by 'anonymous' on the same subject within a short time period and who happens to write with the same theme. This is the internet discussion world and that is how it works whether you like it or not. And the blog owner is king of the domain. Judge, jury and executioner of what is worthy of execution (delete lah). No need to explain or defend or give excuses to justify any deletion.

    There is such a thing called a handle, like Tse-pin using ‘anonswriter’ so we know who we are discussing with although he doesn’t use his real name. He is ‘anonymous’ to those who do not know but with his handle, he differentiates himself from other ‘anonymous’ who uses other handles. ‘The Chess Ninja’ is another handle and he has managed to keep his identity generally secret. But when he comments as ‘The Chess Ninja’, he is anonymous to everyone but differentiates himself from other anonymouses.

    But I’ll respect Tse-pin’s advice and re-look at the two recent comments by ‘anonymous’ that I had let remain on this blog, with fresh eyes that it might be from two different persons, and respond accordingly. But this is only a concession this time around. Future comments by ‘anonymous’ shall be deemed the handle of the same person, unless it is signed off in some other ways (e.g. like how Jianwen did much earlier).

  9. I've spent the night meditating on this 'anonymous' business.

    Commenting using the generic 'anonymous' handle comes with advantages for the commenter (it). More often than not, disparaging comments are made that it won't dare using a known identity. It won't want its real identity to be associated with such remarks. It can also make all sorts of claims without the responsibility for it.

    Thus, there was 'anonymous' who claims to be 'among the strongest in the country'. This could be true, but it could also be some nasty fella hoping to create suspicions on our top players.

    Another situation arose last night where I perceive 'anonymous' to write a crude remark, then wrote another one politely. And when I addressed the crude remarks with a counter response, 'anonymous' still on the 'anonymous' handle came in to deny that 'anonymous' made the crude remarks when so obviously 'anonymous' did, expecting me to differentiate just by writing style or don't know what else, and asking me not to be presumptuous.

    Fair is fair, using the 'anonymous' handle comes with advantages for the commenter but it must live with the consequences of others being presumptuous as to which other remarks by 'anonymous' belongs to which 'anonymous' commenter, and presumptions about whatever else. It is also presumed that by commenting as 'anonymous', the person has agreed to be bunched with all others who chose to post using the same handle.

    There is already the facility of a unique handle for anyone who wishes to retain anonymity but differentiated from others who also wished to retain anonymity. So use the facility if you do not wish to be bunched with all other 'anonymous'. Otherwise be prepared to live with the consequences.

    I have deleted almost all 'anonymous' comments. This is to give the opportunity to anyone whose comment has been deleted but still wishes to make their point. But this time please use a unique handle, if you wish to remain anonymous. I have no problems with that.

    I also have no problems with opinions or views that differ from mine. But insults or impolite language or tone whether directed at me, my family or anyone else won’t not be tolerated. I won’t allow this blog to be used as a platform by mischievous persons to further whatever personal agendas.

    In this regard, I had deleted a comment by ‘anonymous’ under one of my earlier Brunei postings where the commenter ‘warned’ Mas Hafizulhelmi. I thought it was not appropriate and deleted that comment.

    Just basic ground rules which shouldn’t even have to be elaborated, by right.