08 September 2012

Zhuo-ren's IM Opportunity

My comment in Wei Ming's and Jimmy's blogs re Zhuo-ren's IM norm opportunity:

"Zhuo-ren only needs to beat any 1800+ rated opponent to secure a 13-game IM performance norm. No need for an IM oppponent. An IM opponent is required only for a 20-game IM (Title result) Norm. A norm is still a norm.

I was thus surprised when I saw Malaysia's line-up against Japan. With his hot streak, Zhuo-ren obviously should have played as he had every chance to beat the 2211-rated Averbukh or the 2137-rated Japan 5th board. Someone made a boo-boo here.

Hopefully Zhuo-ren gets another chance with an even more suitable opponent in the final round. My best wishes to Zhuo-ren to get his norm."

With the team pairings now known, Zhuo-ren has to hope Thailand fields the 2273-rated Uaychai on 4th board in the final round, to have a shot at the IM performance norm. However a win is still needed. My hopes are with Zhuo-ren.

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