28 December 2013

2013 Report Card

The turn of the calendar year is here and it is as good a time as any to review the progress of the past year and set targets for the coming year. I do this regularly but is sharing my assessment publicly for the first time. Hopefully other chess parents and young players who take the game seriously might find my thinking useful.

18 December 2013

National Juniors 2013

The National Juniors 2013 turned out to be a lucky event for the family when Yit San and Yit Ho ended up Champion and runner-up. The event is a sort of first in that it is the first time any one of us played in Johor Bahru. The kids have played in Kangar, Alor Setar, Penang and even several times in Singapore since 12 years ago. Last year had us going to Seremban and Melaka. And earlier this year, they played in Kuala Terengganu and Kota Kinabalu. So Johor Bahru was a lucky first time.

17 December 2013

Playing Penang Chess Festival

It was a hectic 2 weeks of chess and also a series of firsts for the family. The National Juniors at Johor Bahru was quickly followed by the Penang Chess Festival which we took part in for the first time. The family team played the Penang Inter-Team League and the boys and me followed on to play the Penang Open .

01 December 2013

2013 National Juniors Starts

The National Juniors (U20) Championship starts today at Johor Bahru. Nine rounds are scheduled over 5 days with time control set at 90m + 30s. There is a separate event for Girls in addition to the Open section.

30 November 2013

FRL 1 December 2013 - Top Malaysians

Top 25 Malaysians on the 1 December 2013 FRL:

24 November 2013

Malaysia-Singapore Final Result

Round 1: Malaysia 23    - 13    Singapore
Round 2: Malaysia 20    - 16    Singapore
Round 3: Malaysia 21.5 - 14.5 Singapore
Round 4: Malaysia 14   -  22    Singapore

Overall  : Malaysia 78.5 - 65.5 Singapore

Congratulations to all participants: players, team officials, organisers and sponsors, for advancing the spirit of friendly competition and a very successful event. An even greater note of appreciation is due to parents who are often the unsung heroes/heroines of such events where the participation of age-group players forms a big part.

Just before Round 2, the teams' respective managers agreed to a alter a few pairings to allow affected players more varied experience by playing a different opponent from Round 1. And in the rapid games, the veteran pairings further showed the friendliness of the competition.

On the competitive side, congratulations to the Malaysian players and team managers, Greg Lau and Yeap Joo Hock on the final result.

23 November 2013

Malaysia Singapore Match: Day 1 Standings

Round 1:  Malaysia 23 - 13 Singapore
Round 2:  Malaysia 20 - 16 Singapore 

Day 1 Standings (after Classical Games)
Malaysia 43- 29 Singapore

The match continues with rounds 3 and 4 tomorrow morning with rapid games over 36 boards each round.

01 November 2013

Top 25 Malaysians - FRL 1.11.2013

Top 25 Malaysians - FRL 1.11.2013, Active, Standard

20 October 2013

Asian Cities 2013

The Asian Cities Chess Championship starts today at Tagaytay City, Manila. A Philippine Star article on the event here.

Malaysia will be represented by the Shah Alam team. Nicholas Chan leads a team that includes four of Malaysia's most exciting juniors in Yeoh Li Tian, Mohd Nabil Azman Hisham, Fong Yit San and Evan Timothy Capel.

Wishing the Malaysian team all the best.

01 October 2013

Top 25 Malaysians - FRL 1.10.2013

Top 25 Malaysians - FRL 1.10.2013, Active, Standard

12 September 2013

Inter-State Team Returns After 15 Years

The National Inter-State Team Championship 2013 starts today at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  10 states are represented with Sabah fielding 4 teams, Kelantan 2 teams and 1 team each by the other 8 states.

01 September 2013

Top 20 Malaysians frl 01.09.2013

Top 20 Malaysians
by FIDE Rating, 1 September 2013

31 August 2013

IGB Malaysian Open 2013 - Best Malaysians

 Ro Pts/9  Rp Rtg +/- Prize
    1    24 Chuah Jin Hai Jonathan 2250  5.5 2212  23.1  700
    2    28 Lim Chuin Hoong Ronnie 2299  5.5 2241   0.3  500
    3    32 Fong Yit San 2105  5.5 2185  13.1  350
    4    36 Capel Evan Timothy 2040   5 2327  45.5  150
    5    40 Yeoh Li Tian 2262   5 2274   7.8  100

11 August 2013

National Squad Members?

A question was raised recently as to who have qualified for  the National Squad. This criteria for membership of this National Squad was officially announced on the MCF website in April. It says that the following (by order of appearance in the document)) shall be invited to the squad:

07 August 2013

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Muslim friends and readers.
Maaf zahir dan batin if I have unintentionally wronged anybody.

01 August 2013

Top 20 Malaysian Players - 1.8.2013 FRL

Top 20 Malaysian Players
1 August 2013 FIDE Rating List (Standard, Active)

17 July 2013

National Ratings - Top Juniors

Top 10 Malaysian Juniors by National Rating (July 2013 List):

Name YoB Rating
1 Yeoh Li Tian 1999  2142
2 Wong Jianwen 1995  2114
3 Fong Yit San 1994  2100
4 Evan Timothy Capel 1994  2079
5 Aron Teh Eu Wen  1998  2015
6 Yeap Eng Chiam 1995  2002
7 Edward Lee Kim Han 1993  1954
8 Sumant Subramaniam   1993  1947
9 Muhd Syakir Shazmeer Azhar 1994  1941
10 Muhd Nabil Azman Hisham 1994  1916

14 July 2013

Ratings Deflation Confirmed?

FIDE's Qualification Commission just published an analysis of the ratings system using a 'Retroactive Ratings Calculator' devised by Jeff Sonas, the renowned statistician. Here.

08 July 2013

What is MCF?

This article expresses my thoughts on the primary functions and roles of the Malaysian Chess Federation. So what is MCF?

27 June 2013

Malaysian Masters Review

Some ratings calculations I made on the Malaysian Masters results.

04 May 2013

National Closed Info Up at TCA

The detailed information regarding this year's National Closed is now up at the TCA website. Looks good and a definite improvement over past National Championships (especially the prize money).

27 April 2013

Pattaya - Young Players & Ratings Deflation

Ratings deflation is now an accepted phenomenon at the lower end of the fide ratings scale, especially at below 2300. The mechanism for the deflation is driven primarily by promising young players getting a low initial rating, say 1700. When these young players improve to a stage when they can draw or beat higher-rated established older players, these young players take rating points off the established players. The established players would, more often than not, see their ratings drop each time they play in FIDE-rated events although their playing strength is maintained. This is a worldwide phenomenon.

Pattaya Analysis - Rating Mix

Rating pools may be identified with countries. Most players play most of their games within a limited geographical region. Even in Malaysia, we do not often see many Klang Valley players going out of that region to take part in chess events. Only the serious and committed players are willing to bear the costs and time commitment to go out of their way to participate in chess events.

24 April 2013

Of Rating Pools

Before moving on to the next part of my Pattaya Analysis, here is the first of two articles on ratings pools and ratings deflation for the benefit of readers who may wish to have more information on these subjects.

22 April 2013

Pattaya Analysis - Part 2

Part 2 of my Pattaya Analysis covers Yit San's performance. Yit San had been doing well in the local Malaysian circuit at rapid time controls. However, it is clear that the standard of play at classical time controls in Pattaya is just so much higher. In fact, I would argue they require two significantly different skills sets as regards players below 2300 playing strength.

21 April 2013

Pattaya Analysis - Part 1

I usually do an analysis after every event my kids play, which I discuss with them and then decide see how to progress from there. I am sharing our experience relating to the just-completed Bangkok Open. Hopefully, my thinking processes on the issues that we, as a chess-playing family with limited financial budget, have to address, will be helpful to parents in similar circumstances. 

14 April 2013

Boys in Pattaya

The boys arrived at Pattaya last night, located a hotel and safely checked in. The boys’ hotel is less than 200 metres away from the Dusit Thani Hotel, the venue for the Bangkok Open starting today.

04 April 2013

New MCF Site Up

The new MCF website is up and running today. Looks good so far. Link

26 March 2013

MCF Elections – An Analysis

I was happy to read Ilham’s observation of Shafruddin’s and Tse Pin’s optimistic views of the new MCF (Anecdote No. 6) in his latest blog posting.   I had been in two minds whether to put my analysis of the recent MCF Elections into writing but finally decided to do so as I now believe that it will be taken in a positive light. So here goes.

19 March 2013

Malaysian Chess - A New Hope

With the dust now settled with all the appointments made, the full MCF Council has started work. Congratulations to both the elected and appointed Council Members for the recognition and trust given by the Malaysian chess community to lead our community forward.

19 January 2013

1st Perak Open – 1979

The 1st Perak Open Chess Championship was held sometime in June 1979. It was held over 4 days at the Ipoh Garden Library, which was part of the then headquarters complex of Ipoh Garden Berhad (now known as IGB Corporation Berhad) (‘IGB’) in Ipoh. Forty or so players played 7 rounds with time control set at 120 minutes each to the finish.

06 January 2013

1st Perak Open

Prizewinners of the 1st Perak Open Chess Championship. Can you recognise the players in the photo?