19 March 2013

Malaysian Chess - A New Hope

With the dust now settled with all the appointments made, the full MCF Council has started work. Congratulations to both the elected and appointed Council Members for the recognition and trust given by the Malaysian chess community to lead our community forward.

The noises coming out so far from the Council give me new hope of a brighter future for Malaysian chess. I see a lot of positives in the overall make-up of the Council, with the most significant development being the introduction of Datuk Seri Edmund as Deputy President. His passion for chess is well-known but more importantly, he has expressed a willingness to put in some real money into Malaysian chess development. My hope is that these funds, now made available, will be wisely used to upgrade the general standard of Malaysian chess players, and at the same time, provide appropriate support to realise the potential of talented players.

Tan Sri Ramli, Mr Lee, Greg, and Haslindah offer some sort of continuity from the immediately preceding Council which I see as a good thing.  I see a more professional and informed leadership in the new Council which should be strong enough to replace much-criticised MCF practices of the last few years. All-in-all there appears to be sufficient built-in checks and balances just from the personalities, knowledge and background of the council members, to quickly deal with any renegade behaviour.
Peter brings into the Council a level of technical chess knowledge and knowledge of the chess world which few Malaysians possess. It is a given that more than a few people would have reservations about this appointment. However I see this appointment as the MCF leadership having accepted the challenge to harness Peter’s knowledge and skills for the good of Malaysian chess while keeping his ‘explosive’ side in check.

Finally, for the first time in something like 25 years, Hamid and Ibrahim are not in the MCF Council. These gentlemen have been at the forefront of MCF operations for close to 20 years and had more than their fair share of opportunities to try out their ideas to develop Malaysian chess. Another observation is that not a single member from the 2002 MCF Council is in the new Council and of the post-2003-AGM Council, only Greg survived. These developments represents a clean enough break from the relatively recent past and gives the new Council space to try out new ideas or maybe even a blank canvas to give Malaysian chess a fresh start. An opportunity to reboot the system, if you wish.

So here’s looking forward to a more transparent MCF Council that provides the Malaysian chess community with timely updates of significant developments and relevant information, a Council that cares for the development of Malaysian chess players as a whole, and one that listens to and acts on constructive suggestions from the general Malaysian chess community.

Here’s looking forward to a more dynamic and exciting Malaysian chess scene.


  1. "... 2002 MCF Council is in the new Council and of the post-2003-AGM Council..."

    You mean 2012 and 2013?

  2. I mean 2002 and 2003. The previous big fight for positions was in the 2003 AGM 10 years ago.

  3. Eddy,

    Nothing to fear from me. Unless you are corrupt or try and impose personal agendas for mediocrity! I do hope that is not the source for most reservations...

    Seriously, I am just going to try and be the technical lead and facilitate everyone - the work of MCF has to be that of a team and I believe we are on the right track but everyone needs time.

    Give the new MCF some time as the learning curve for many is steep and we have to fight bad habits and examples introduced and continued for years and years.

  4. LOL, Peter, your reputation precedes you.

    Personally, I have no qualms over your appointment to the MCF Council. And, congratulations on your appointment as "MCF's ambassador to FIDE".

    btw, I have just reworded the 'challenge' bit to better convey my intended meaning.

  5. Err...full list of the MCF council please. After all the hooha about the MCF elections, there is "NO" official confirmation about who the full list of members are.

    And according to one "informed" chess enthusiast, the MCF secretary is one Tengku Ahmad Badli Shah bin Raja Hussin.

    Surely this new "professional" team can update into their MCF website who the new council are, together their latest updated photos.