27 June 2013

Malaysian Masters Review

Some ratings calculations I made on the Malaysian Masters results.

  Ro  Rar W W-We   K  Rtg+/- TPR
1 IM Lim Yee-Weng 2309 2190  6.0   0.06   15    0.9 2315
2 Aron Teh Eu Wen 2100 2213  6.0   2.85   15   42.8 2338
3  IM Mas Hafizulhelmi 2347 2186  6.0  (0.39)   10  (3.9) 2311
4 Lim Zhuo Ren 2171 2205  5.5   1.45   15  21.8 2285
5 Wong Jianwen 2120 2211  5.5   2.08   15  31.2 2291
6 Ng Tze Han 2298 2191  5.0  (0.85)    15 (12.8) 2234
7 Fong Yit San 2049 2219  4.5   1.98   15  29.7 2219
8  FM Lim Chuin Hoong Ronnie 2349 2186  3.0  (3.48)   15 (52.2) 2061
9 Ajeet Singh Roshan 2014 2223  2.5   0.43   15   6.5 2057
10  IM Liew Chee-Meng-Jimmy 2263 2195  1.0  (4.31)   10 (43.1) 1844

The average rating of players is 2202, making it the strongest all-Malaysian, all-play-all chess tournament ever, surpassing the previous similar event, the 2011 SEA Games Selection, which had a 2147 average .

The results have been submitted to FIDE for rating. So let's wait for the official rating calculations to see if there is any error in my above calculations.

To appreciate the strength of the event, we only need to start from the bottom of the table. Age may be catching up, but it would have been unimaginable to me in a preview that Jimmy would have such a tough time as to actually finish last with 1/9. Next was Roshan, who 'qualified' by virtue of his win in last year's National Closed. His much-touted 8.5/9 at that event seemed a distant memory as Roshan struggled to play to his rating which was already the lowest by far, of all the players.

Ronnie was my pre-tournament favourite jointly with Mas. So 8th placing is a disastrous result. Maybe the pressure of being top seed got to him. He probably felt he needed to win against much lower-rated players and took unjustified risks in positions which he probably would have at least drawn if he had played normally. The opposition was just too strong as ratings matter little with fast improving juniors. Perhaps a bit more respect for the opponent in several games would not have been out of place.

It was pleasing to see the qualifiers from this year's National Closed more than holding their own. All still juniors, they were to me, the 'legitimate qualifiers' in the sense that no one can reasonably question their right to play in this event. After all, they qualified through the hardest route. Aron was the talk of the event and showed that his win at the National Closed was no fluke. Jianwen has been the most impressive junior on the local circuit this year and he continued his fine run. Yit San did well enough to reach 50% in this tough field with two nice wins against the tail-enders in the last two rounds.

Zhou Ren and Tze Han played to expectations and both did well to finish above 50%.

Yee Weng and Mas showed maturity and restraint in their play to finish joint first (with Aron). Yee Weng did well to go through the event unbeaten showing that he is slowly but surely returning to his best form.

I certainly look forward to more of such events which would only be good for Malaysian chess and the national team.

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