31 August 2013

IGB Malaysian Open 2013 - Best Malaysians

 Ro Pts/9  Rp Rtg +/- Prize
    1    24 Chuah Jin Hai Jonathan 2250  5.5 2212  23.1  700
    2    28 Lim Chuin Hoong Ronnie 2299  5.5 2241   0.3  500
    3    32 Fong Yit San 2105  5.5 2185  13.1  350
    4    36 Capel Evan Timothy 2040   5 2327  45.5  150
    5    40 Yeoh Li Tian 2262   5 2274   7.8  100

I did not see the above results reported elsewhere although I believe it is the most important from the standpoint of the international standing of Malaysian chess.

Evan was the most impressive performer of the Malaysians. Due to his relatively low rating, he was consistently paired against higher rated players as he drew or beat one higher rated player after another. His overall score against 2300+ players was +2,=4,-2.

Yit San lost to Xiu Deshun, the eventual champion in the 1st round and to Mi Yen in the 2nd round. He was unbeaten from Round 3 onwards culminating in a nice win against the 2328-rated Filipino NM David Elorta in the final round. A pawn sacrifice to get a positional advantage, in the aforementioned game is a sign that he has moved up another level in his chess education.

Li Tian was his usual steady self scoring 2 draws with GMs Laylo and Laxman.

These 3 juniors showed more evidence that they are able to match the 2300-rated players. I see them together with Aron, Jianwen, Zhuo-ren and the returning Anas, as the future of Malaysian chess. Zhuo-ren already has the equivalent of a 13-game IM-norm under his belt. It will be interesting to see who, among the rest, gets the next IM norm.

To me, the next milestone for Malaysian chess is for a Malaysian player to achieve a GM norm. I am hoping one of these young players will deliver that soon.

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