11 August 2013

National Squad Members?

A question was raised recently as to who have qualified for  the National Squad. This criteria for membership of this National Squad was officially announced on the MCF website in April. It says that the following (by order of appearance in the document)) shall be invited to the squad:

(1) Top 3 finishers from the National Closed who are Aron, Yit San & Jianwen; and
(2) Top 5 finishers from the Malaysian Masters who are Yee Weng, Aron, Mas, Zhou-ren & Jianwen.

There was no other mention of any other criteria on the MCF web pages.

So based on the publicly announced criteria the only persons that qualifed are Aron, Yit San, Jianwen, Yee Weng, Mas, and Zhuo-ren.

On the women side, it would be Nabila, Najiha, Rifqah, Camilia & Mi Yen.

6 men and 5 women.

Further additions or criteria to an expanded squad have not been announced. I have been informed by a committee member that neither the main MCF committee nor the Selection sub-committee have discussed or approved criteria for additional members to the national squad.

The authorised committee could conceivable decide the next additional member(s) to follow either or both of two lists, i.e. National Closed and Malaysian Masters. On the men's side, the additional member(s) could be be either Shazwan or Tze Han or both. But that is for the relevant committee to decide and not up to any individual committee member that may try to usurp the powers of the Main or Selection committee.

My two-sen worth.

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