24 November 2013

Malaysia-Singapore Final Result

Round 1: Malaysia 23    - 13    Singapore
Round 2: Malaysia 20    - 16    Singapore
Round 3: Malaysia 21.5 - 14.5 Singapore
Round 4: Malaysia 14   -  22    Singapore

Overall  : Malaysia 78.5 - 65.5 Singapore

Congratulations to all participants: players, team officials, organisers and sponsors, for advancing the spirit of friendly competition and a very successful event. An even greater note of appreciation is due to parents who are often the unsung heroes/heroines of such events where the participation of age-group players forms a big part.

Just before Round 2, the teams' respective managers agreed to a alter a few pairings to allow affected players more varied experience by playing a different opponent from Round 1. And in the rapid games, the veteran pairings further showed the friendliness of the competition.

On the competitive side, congratulations to the Malaysian players and team managers, Greg Lau and Yeap Joo Hock on the final result.

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