28 December 2013

2013 Report Card

The turn of the calendar year is here and it is as good a time as any to review the progress of the past year and set targets for the coming year. I do this regularly but is sharing my assessment publicly for the first time. Hopefully other chess parents and young players who take the game seriously might find my thinking useful.

18 December 2013

National Juniors 2013

The National Juniors 2013 turned out to be a lucky event for the family when Yit San and Yit Ho ended up Champion and runner-up. The event is a sort of first in that it is the first time any one of us played in Johor Bahru. The kids have played in Kangar, Alor Setar, Penang and even several times in Singapore since 12 years ago. Last year had us going to Seremban and Melaka. And earlier this year, they played in Kuala Terengganu and Kota Kinabalu. So Johor Bahru was a lucky first time.

17 December 2013

Playing Penang Chess Festival

It was a hectic 2 weeks of chess and also a series of firsts for the family. The National Juniors at Johor Bahru was quickly followed by the Penang Chess Festival which we took part in for the first time. The family team played the Penang Inter-Team League and the boys and me followed on to play the Penang Open .

01 December 2013

2013 National Juniors Starts

The National Juniors (U20) Championship starts today at Johor Bahru. Nine rounds are scheduled over 5 days with time control set at 90m + 30s. There is a separate event for Girls in addition to the Open section.