23 March 2014

NC 2014 Final Round: A Matter of Destiny

I believe in destiny, not necessarily in every detail of our life, but in relation to key events or happenings. Destiny sets the time and place. If it is ours, nobody can take it away no matter what opposing forces try. If it is not ours, we cannot get it despite our best efforts.

22 March 2014

Two Slugfests and A Nice Positional Win

Masrin Erowan is Sabah's top player with a swash-buckling playing style based on sharp openings variations. Yit San himself would not shy away from a tactical battle. So when these two met up in Round 5 of last week's National Closed, a wild tactical fight was only to be expected.

20 March 2014

National Closed - Yit San's Quick Wins

Yit San scored 8 wins out of 9 games n the way to winning the National Closed 2014 last week. Of these, 4 were relative quick wins when Yit San used his 'tactical vision' to win material from the opportunities provided by his opponents. These 4 wins in the replayers below.