29 July 2014

Malaysia Playing Olympiad 2014

The 2014 World Chess Olympiad starts in a few days at Tromso, Norway. Malaysia’s Men’s Team is represented by:
Lim Yee Weng   2311
Aron Teh Eu Wen   2283
Fong Yit San   2143
Ahmad Fadzil bin Nayan   2121
Sumant Subramaniam   2075

Malaysia is ranked 105 out of 178 nations, based on the 1 July 2014 FRL. Let’s wait to see if the starting rank is revised based on the next FRL due for release on 1 August. Aron would then be at 2358 based on the latest info on his FIDE rating card, which may up Malaysia’s starting rank a few places.

The main contingent players and officials is scheduled to depart from KLIA tomorrow evening. They shall meet up at Tromso on Thursday with players who are already in Europe.

The fixed board order is due for submission on Friday and it shall be interesting to see how the team lines up. 1st and 2nd Board should be between Aron, who would be highest rated and Yee Weng who is most experienced.  Aron is arguably the stronger based on latest results, where he has done very well against 2400+ players over the last two months, including 3 wins and 3 draws against GM opponents. Yee Weng in contrast would be flagged inactive in the August list if he did not play any rated game in July.

Lining up boards 3, 4 and 5 is subject to team strategy although the default is to base it on ratings.

Round 1 is scheduled to start at 9.00 pm Malaysian time on Saturday, 2 August 2014. Let's hope we get to see a live netcast of all the games.


  1. 2358 ?!

    74 points in a single tournament....wow!

    If I saw you again I really have to bend myself and look at your feet to check whether you are human or not.

    But then again if I start doing that, very good chanches I will have to keep doing it since I believe aron teh will continue to pull such result !

    And to the rest of malaysian team...good luck and all the best

  2. HI Eddy, Great if Aron is going great guns... I think a reminder to Li Tian where he should be too - it takes major sacrifices and unrelenting commitment. Also hopefully will challenge Yit San to emulate. I wish every success to all these young talents.

  3. Appears FIDE re-calculated Aron's rating change from the Montcada event, with K=40 revised to K=15. The event started on 25 June and ended on 3 July, while the rule change to K=40 was effective from 1 July. I suppose it is debatable whether K=40 or K=15 or a mixture (based on game by game calculation) is applicable. With the revision, Aron's new rating in the 1 August frl is 2309.

  4. With the change to the K factor, a lot of players registered massive ELO jumps, too bad Aron missed out.