12 August 2014

Tromso R10 Preview: Malaysia v Switzerland

Malaysia Men will be playing Switzerland later today in round 10 of the Olympiad. The pairings  for the individual Boards are as follows:

The Swiss players out-rates the Malaysian counterpart by at least 150 points on every board. Can Malaysia hope for at least a draw....?     Well...., why not?

The Malaysian players have individually at one time or another drawn or even beaten GMs. So it is conceivable that the Malaysian boys lift themselves one more time and record the required draws or wins. Over a single game, anything can happen.

The target should be at least a 2-2 draw.

Anything less as a target is not meaningful if I must state the obvious.

The 2014 Malaysian Olympiad team took on and drew with the 67th seeded (but currently ranked 49th) Tajikistan in the previous round. From one perspective, this team has proven that they belong to the Top 70 teams.

The Swiss are however, of a higher pedigree than Tajikistan. Switzerland are 51st seeded and currently ranked 43rd.  If this Malaysian team can achieve at least a draw against the Swiss, the team will have proven they deserve to be in the Top 50.

Aku ada caya sama ini punya team. Go, Go, Malaysia.

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