23 January 2015

K=40 Working for Malaysian Juniors

FIDE effected the K factor of 40 for players under-18 players on 1 July 2014. This was so that the ratings of fast improving young players reflect their increasing playing strength. This change worked out for several Malaysian juniors who recorded outstanding performances at the recent Johor Open and Penang Open.

At the Johor Open, 5 Malaysian Juniors gained more than 100 rating points each:

Johor Open Gain Rating YoB
  Wong, Yinn Long  132  2028 2002
  Ooi, Zhi Yang  118  1951 1999
  Lye, Lik Zang  141  1919 2004
  Chan, Kim Yew  127  1775 2002
  Zulkiflee, Muhd Hanis Hanafi  114  1940 1997

While at the Penang Open, 4 Malaysian Juniors achieved the same feat:

Penang Open Gain Rating YoB
  Subramaniam, Shreyes  135  1963 1998
  Tan, Jun Ying  116  1849 2003
  Chan, Kim Yew  136  1775 2002
  Yap, Egin Darrel  109  1903 1999

13 year-old Wong Yinn Long moved to above 2000 rating in the 1 Jan 2015 FRL as a result.

Chan Kim Yew, also just 13 years old, gained a stupendous 263 rating points from the two back-to-back events to reach 1775.

22 January 2015

Top 25 Malaysians: 1 January 2015

The top 25 ranked Malaysian chess players as on the 1 January 2015:

21 January 2015

Shocked and Sad over Fadzil

I was shocked on Sunday night to receive news that Fadzil had passed away minutes earlier. Just on the previous day, I was asking Yit San and Yit Ho whether they had any news of Fadzil’s recovery and I was hoping to see him next week at Sungei Siput for the 1st leg of the 2015 series of PCNP-KLK tournaments.