05 December 2015

On Drills, Repetition and Results

Sam Allardyce on managing the Sunderland football team in the English Premier League in an interview with the Daily Mail. Allardyce had taken over the team when they were bottom of th eladgue but had since gotten out of the relegation zone after three wins out of six games played under him.

"My particular life here is working with the back four, I talk at length to them about their positioningwhat is the right body position, how deep they, are they too wide?

Sadly it gets a little boring for them. But unfortunately it gets better the more they learn and the quicker they learn, the less you have to do it. I just had to run through the basics of our defending again. The key is repetition.

The more results we get the more confident they are in what I am saying. If you don't get the results you are talking a lot of bull!'

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